Firewalk Training

Become A Certified Firewalk Instructor

The most comprehensive Firewalk Instructor Certification Training available.

A 7-day training qualifying you as a Celtic Fire & Sundoor Firewalk Instructor.

Our training will give you all the information, skills, tools and support you need to successfully share the firewalk in your own workshops and events, and to forge a deep and meaningful personal relationship with the element of Fire.

This course is uniquely placed to provide not only a practical skill base but also energetic guidance on how to work in harmony with Fire and the other elements to craft truly meaningful experiences for your participants.

During the workshop we will explore everything from wood types, fire building, coal beds, raking, tending fires and venue practicalities to firewalk safety, the energetic process of transformation, presentation skills and workshop timing.

The course is broken into modules covering all aspects of the firewalk, taking you from base principles and working up to special effects, running a firewalk for others and a spectacular graduation firewalk

We will give you as much personal experience with the fire as possible and guide you through the process of becoming the best equipped, most confident, capable and inspiring Firewalk Instructor you can be, with a comprehensive knowledge of all the intricate details that make the firewalk such a powerful tool for empowerment, motivation and personal transformation.

  • Group sizes are kept small to ensure plenty of personal attention, but you will also assist and observe at a public firewalk as part of your training, to give you firsthand experience of the range of responses you can expect from your own groups.
  • Learn how to create the perfect environment for a life changing moment
  • Learn the skills of building, lighting and tending firewalks in any situation
  • On certification you will be authorized to conduct firewalks, arrow breaks, rebar bends, glasswalks and board breaks with your own groups.
  • You will be able to lead large groups of people over their fires, answer any questions and leave absolutely no trace on the ground.
  • Ongoing support is also offered by email, phone and social media.

The course is taught by Oona McFarlane, who has led hundreds of people over countless fires around the UK and abroad over the last decade, and is certified through Sundoor International Firewalking School.